CMC Markets Review

Here in Best Forex Broker Review, we are always looking at how to be at the top with our articles. So, today we have a CMC Markets review for you! This broker is by far one of the hottest ones of 2021 and we are here to test it out! So come along with us in this review to see what it can do for all of us. And if you know how we work here or not, it doesn´t matter. In our blog, you will find all the information you need to decide whether or not to get a product, service, or whatever it is about Forex. 

So, in this review, you can expect to find information about the regulations involved with this service, trading strategies, prices, and such. Also, we offer you a list of the pros and cons so you can be aware of everything. And last, you get an insight about the customer support and summary from us. So you can tell this CMC Markets review is very complete!

Let´s start already to see what´s up with this broker!

What is the CMC Markets Broker About?

CMC Markets is a highly professional online broker that has gained tons of clients worldwide for providing an outstanding service. This broker has tons of products, instruments, and assets, that´s why it attracts so many traders around the world. And the best part is there are no previous experience requirements that you need to use this brokerage. You don´t believe us? With CMC Markets you get educational materials that will help you learn new tips and tricks. So you are pretty much all sorted out if you are new here!

When it comes to the trading opportunities you have, these go from cryptocurrency, commodities, indices, Forex pairs, and others. Also, shares, ETFs, and treasuries are available with this company. So at the end of the end, it truly depends on what you like to trade to choose what fits your best!

There are many benefits of trading using this broker and we will get through every single one of them along with this article. And we hope that by the end you know already if this broker can be a choice of investment for you!

Company Details Overview

Nos for this part of the CMC Markets review, we are going to talk about the company itself. And there are many things that you can find about these people on the website. So this time it´s not one of those cases when there´s nothing about the people who work behind the scenes.

The first thing you need to know is the CMC Markets company was created back in 1989. And they have headquarters in many places around the world already have they have been successful from the start. Some of their headquarters are based in the United Kingdom, Australia, and a few more places. But, those two are the most important ones internationally. You can also find the full address on the website if you want to know their exact location. 

About the people working in this business, they all have more than 30 years of experience. And keep in mind this broker has been out since 1989. So that´s a very long time of staying as one of the top brokers in the industry.

This company has won many awards in the last couple of years for its incredible customer support and trading strategies. So far, they have won the Canstar “Broker of the year” a couple of times already.

So, by trading with them, you should be safe at all times while getting an amazing experience.

Regulations and Laws

At his time it´s time to get to know better about the regulations, if any, and the laws or clauses that you need to know about this broker. So, we have some great news for you! This brokerage is fully regulated by the most prestigious regulatory entity of the United Kingdom. This one is the Financial Conduct Authority and they are one of the best and remarkable regulators of the UK. And apart from that, this broker is also listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSD).

If you want to be super sure about all of this, you can always read their website and forums online with actual clients. Many professionals and investors rely on this broker because it provides so much security for their clients. Which is something everyone in this business is looking forward to.

Also, this brokerage itself provides security to their clients while using their interface. And when you deposit your money, invest it, and trade with it, your money is safe. How is that so? Well, all funds are segregated into separate accounts in many banks around the world. So, it depends if you are based in the UK, Australia, or somewhere else. But at the end of the day, your funds at safe at the bank.

Assets and Markets Available

To show you the best and all you can achieve with this broker, for this part of the CMC Markets review, we are talking about the assets you can get. But, before we get into detail about that, we should take a moment to let you know what markets you get access to. And, as we can see on the website, this broker supports global markets no matter where you are from! This is a huge advantage because you can easily change markets and find better deals at any time.

And when it comes to the assets that you can use, these go from a very large range. This broker supports the latest cryptocurrency, some of the most valuable shares, and stocks. You can trade indices, Forex currencies, CDF, ETFs, commodities, treasuries, and some other exclusives! 

So with this broker seems like any type of trader can get what they are looking for!

CMC Markets Trading Platforms Supported

To get some detail about what can you do with this broker market-wise, you get the MetaTrader 4 platform fully available for you! So far, most brokers use this one because it is the most known and commonly used platform. But, depending on what you trade, you can access this broker’s trading platform. So, it´s completely changeable and works just like the MT4 one. Don´t be afraid to try out new things! Remember the game is always changing in this industry.

In the future, we might get to use the CMC Markets broker on the MT5 platform, if not already in the making! But, meanwhile, we all wait, you can trade pretty much almost anything with this broker. Believe it or not, on the website the developers state this broker can trade up to 10,000 instruments. So that a very large inventory on what you can do with this service and your account. It´s almost impossible to get to name all of them or even use it! So you will have some fun while you get started.

Let´s not forget to mention all traders are free to change and customize their interface on the MT4 platform. So, you can set it up the way you want! This ensures you will get a much better trading experience than if you use the basic settings and features.

Mobile Apps Available

A good touch to talk about in this CMC Markets review is the apps that you can use with this broker. Because let´s be real, in most cases the people who become professional traders don´t have tons of spare time to sit on a desk all day. And that´s when the mobile apps come in handy for all of us. 

Currently, you can use 2 different apps if you want to use this broker on the go. You can get the MetaTrader 4 app that we all know about. Or, you can get the brand new CMC Markets app! The company´s app is super clean, intuitive, easy to use and you can also customize it to your needs.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods 

We always say this part is one of the most important ones from our articles. So in this CMC Markets review, we will give you the information you need to get started with your account using this service!

The first thing to know is the minimum deposit you need is USD 0. Yes, what you read! You can open an account here with no funds or initial deposit whatsoever. But you know you can´t start using it until you get money in there. So, the deposit process is easy and just like any other broker. You pay using credit cards or bank transfers. Just keep in mind that before doing this, you need to go through a verification process that can take up to 2 days. 

And to withdrawal, your money is very easy too! From your account you request it and it takes a maximum of 2 business days, in some cases just a few hours. There are no fees as long as your money is sent to a credit card or a domestic bank transfer. But, if it´s an international bank, there is a small fee per transaction.

CMC Markets Supported Countries

On the CMC Markets website, there is not much information around this topic right here. But the thing they highlight the most is this broker is not available for US residents. We know this is a little bit of an issue, but it´s because of the countries laws. Despite that, you know that these laws, policies, and everything is always changing. So it might be a matter of time until we see this broker available worldwide!

Apart from that, this broker is supported in all continents going from America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. But, you can use it if you are based in Venezuela, Syria, China, the USA, Cuba, or South Africa. Besides that, you should be able to use it no matter where you are from. If not, remember to be patient until it is safe to use everywhere.

Customer Support Available Online

Now, above on this CMC Markets review, we mentioned this broker has won awards for having an amazing service in the past. So, going from this, you can tell they know what they do and they are also very good at it. 

On the website, you can see these people work 24/7 on customer support. So, even if it´s Saturday night when the market is not open, you can contact them. They help and provide information with tips and solutions for your problems or any issues with your account. And you can discuss anything with them, going from your account performance to any serious issues, or questions in general.

Being able to get help from the company you work with is very important for both parties. So make sure to call them, send an email, or fill a form if you need anything from them.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • The CMC Markets broker is regulated by one of the most efficient regulatory businesses in the UK.
  • You don´t need any money to open an account with this broker. The minimum deposit is USD 0.
  • All traders get over 10,000 instruments available that they can use.
  • There are very small fees per trade you get.


  • This broker is not available yet for USA residents.

Conclusions CMC Markets Review

To conclude this CMC Markets review we have nothing bad to say about this article at all! Again we are happy with this service and all the good feedback we found about it online. If you can, you should take a look at what the professionals are saying about this broker. You will be surprised!

Overall what we see with this broker is that these developers are super transparent with what they do and it shows. And you can tell their trading platforms work well by taking a look at all the prizes they have right now.

So if you are interested you should go ahead and give this broker a try! And don´t forget to share this CMC Markets review with other traders! 

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