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This new week on Best Forex Broker Review we have a highly detailed FX Choice review for you! We decided to review this broker after seeing how popular it has been in this business lately. If you have been part of this industry for some time already, then you must know how popular they are. To give you an insight about this broker, what to expect, and what you can achieve while using it, we are doing this article! It´s going to be worth the read, so make sure to stay here until the last part!

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Let´s get started with this FX Choice review already and let´s see if it is as great as it sounds!

What is the FX Choice Brokerage About?

FX Choice is an online brokerage made for the best traders in the market. This service supports most assets and has a large inventory of stocks and exclusive currencies that professional traders use. Also, this brokerage focuses on CFD, and ECN trading with some of the latest technology you will be able to use nowadays.

You can see that in all the platforms they support while trading, the services they offer, and all the possibilities you get with your account. Needless to say, each trader that uses this brokerage gets all the tools they need in this business!

This company is very known among traders in this business for being one of the few that has lasted throughout the years. Believe it or not, these people have been working hard for 13 years already offering great products for Forex. So, you must have heard from them already. And, the developers working in this broker have managed to create expert advisors and other software that you might like. The FX Choice company has it all, so you don´t have to go anywhere else looking for the best products for your account!

Company Details Overview

Let´s talk about the FX Choice company on its own now! These people launched their products for the first time in the market in 2008. And by that time, the technology used for trading wasn´t as advanced as it is now. But, with their amazing team, they have been able to stay as one of the best companies in this business! 

These brokers came out back in late 2008. At first, when this company started they created a few services including expert advisors, educational materials, and things like that. As the years went by, they took a step ahead and made one of the best and most reliable brokers! That´s why this service in particular is one of the favorites of private investors and big companies. And, don´t forget this company is one of the few that is specialized in ECN, CFD, and Forex trading. Pretty much it´s an all-in-one service what you get!

On a side note, the main headquarter of this company is in Belize. And they have a few more across the world at the moment. And, almost anywhere in the world, you can download their software as it has regulations. But, we will get into deeper detail about it in one second!

Make sure you don´t miss anything in this FX Choice review!

FX Choice Regulations and Laws

As we keep going on with this FX Choice review, it´s time to speak about the regulations involved with this broker. And as usual, you will as many details as we can find with the best accuracy! So you can easily make a good decision based on what we present to you here.

To point it out already, this broker is regulated by the IFSC, International Financial Services Commission. And this entity is located in Belize too! So, if for some reason you require talking to them and you happen to be in Belize, then you can visit them with no problem. These people are so transparent and reliable that they provide all the address information that you need just in case. So, don´t be shy, and make sure you ask all the questions you need to get started!

And lastly, you get security from both companies while using this broker. Remember that the brokerage itself offers security for your money, investments, and assets. So, while getting protection from both legal businesses, you know that your account should never be at risk while operating with this service.

But, if you have any questions about this topic, you can read in high detail the risk-disclose, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Assets and Markets Supported

To move forward with this FX Choice review, we will highlight to you some of the platforms that you can use while working with this company. And before getting in there, keep in mind that this company has tons of different assets they offer. So this one might be a great choice for professional traders in the market with more experience looking to grow their portfolios. But, it is also a great opportunity for those who are starting in this industry and don´t know yet in which markets and currencies they want to focus on. So, in this broker, you get the chance to trade many types of assets in the international markets of your choice. like in Asian or European ones, and you get the exclusive deals and currencies they offer there.

At the moment, this brokerage supports around 200 currencies in total, and this includes exclusive ones, special ones, and cryptocurrency. And the latest ones that get into the market, will also be available for you!

The assets you can trade with this broker are commodities, oil, exclusive stocks, gas, cryptocurrency, and Forex. And it also works with metals, exotic currencies, and a few more!

FX Choice Trading Platforms Supported

This brokerage works with a big number of global markets and platforms while working. And you are free to choose which ones are better for you and what you are looking for right now! So, you can trade using the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms with the online version. And you can use the downloadable version for your laptop or pc. While using these platforms you can also get the mobile apps available on iOS or Android. And you can use them on an iPad or Tablet.

As usual, you know already that all of these platforms are free to customize to your liking. And with both the MetaTrader platforms, you can add the features, settings, timeframes, and add-ons that you need.

A big advantage of using these two leading platforms while trading is the endless possibilities you get with your account. The MetaTrader 5 platform is even more advanced with the latest technology the market has. This means you can get a more precise and accurate result while trading because there are more features and settings that you can use. And even more trading strategies than scalping, hedging, and trend following.

Mobile Apps Available

While reading on the official website of this brokerage, we found out that this company doesn´t have an app themselves yet. But, you can use the MetaTrader 4 and 5 apps that you can easily find available to use on your phone. And with these apps, you get the same experience and even a better interface to trade! You can customize them to the maximum to get the best experience and maximum control of your account.

Also, we like the idea of being able to trade with our phones because this allows all traders to take a step back and relax from their laptops. So you can check out your account on the go, open new trades, invest more, and make more money whenever you are! This is the main advantage to work in this industry, being able to use your time as you please and how it benefits you the most.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

While getting into the most important part of the FX Choice review, you have to consider a few tips and tricks before funding your account.

This broker has the opportunity of allowing their users to fund their accounts with many trading methods. So you can use one of those that make the situation easier for you. For example, you can use Skrill, AfterPay, Neteller, Bank Transfers, Visa, MasterCard, and Fasa Pay. Also, Astro Pay, Perfect Money, and Bitcoins can be used too! So many choices fit any kind of investor.

To get started, you have to open your account investing at least USD 10 as the minimum requirement. But, there are a few more options if you want a full trading account with no restrictions and unlimited trading benefits. 

For withdrawing your money, you have to consider that it might take up to 2 or 3 working days. And to do it just fill out a request from your account and then choose where you want the money to be sent. It´s a simple process and you can choose how much money you want to withdraw. or, you can leave your money into your account to invest it.

FX Choice Supported Countries

As for now, it is time that in this FX Choice review we focus on the places that can use this broker! And of course, we will let you know where it is not supported so you can get a heads up.

So, this service is available on all continents around the world. It supports most languages, and anyone can use it as long as they have an internet connection. But, as for now, just a few countries can´t use this broker because they might face restrictions with the cryptocurrency part. Either way, in most cases the people affected, can still use this service to an extent. If that is not the case for you, then you must have to wait until it is available to use in your country.

The only countries where FX Choice is not available to use are Spain, Italy, Afghanistan, Belize, Sudan, Iraq, North Korea, Venezuela, and Syria. So, besides that, you should be able to use this broker in your country without restrictions!

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • To get started using this brokerage, you only have to make a small investment of USD 10.
  • There are more than 100 countries supported across the world to trade with this broker. But, keep in mind the list is always expanding.
  • This FX Choice broker is regulated by one of the most recognized Financial entities in the market.
  • The FX Choice company offers more products and services. So you can get expert advisors, brokers, and more!
  • As soon as you create your account, you get a demo account.


  • This broker is not currently supporting hedging as a trading strategy in its features.

Customer Support Available

For many traders knowing how a company operates its customer support team is very important and might be even one of the most important things. That´s why on this occasion we will take you through all the things that you need to know just in case.

First of all, this team is available for you to contact 24/7. Even when we know that this business works only 5 days a week. But, that´s great because you can get in touch with them when you are having free time from trading.

Also, there are many ways you can get in touch with these people. On the website, you can check out the form that you can fill out about your report. And, there are also emails, phone numbers, and social media that you can use! So, you don´t have to feel tied up about your options if you have a question of any kind of trouble.

The only thing we advise you is to make sure to reach out to them during working hours if you can. Because they may take more hours to reply to you.

Summary FX Choice Review

After having gone through all the different details you need to know about this service, we made it to the end of this FX Choice review!

Overall, with all the information we were able to provide you, you must know if this one is a good fit for you at this point. So tell us what are your opinions at this point!

In our think, we feel like this broker could be a good fit for many types of traders and investors. And all the assets, global markets, and advantages available are huge advantages. So, if you are interested in this brokerage make sure to give it a try as soon as possible. And don´t forget to get your demo account before starting.

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