HankoTrade Review

hankotrade review

To start this week on Best Forex Broker Review the right way, we are doing a HankoTrade review! This brokerage is a quite famous service for Forex. And if you have heard about it recently, it´s because many traders have been downloading it lately. So, you know we had to get on the train and see what´s so great about this service! Also, many good surprises are coming with this broker for our Islamic readers. Make sure to stay here until the very end of this HankoTrade review so you don´t miss anything!

In this article, we will learn and disclose the way this software works. So you can expect to find information about the benefits you get, accounts you can get, and even the process to get your account. So, if you are interested in using this software, don´t skip any of the sections because you will find tons of valuable information there.

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Let´s get into this!

What´s the HankoTrade brokerage about?

This brokerage is from a company called HankoTrade, it officially came out to the market in 2019. And with just two years operating, it has been able to gain big numbers of clients around the world. Also, this service is a good choice for all traders since this one is considered to be an all-in-one brokerage. From this broker alone, you get to work, trade, and operate exclusive currencies with a high revenue per trade. There are many things you can do and accomplish with this service alone. So make sure to make the most out of the situation!

Another great advantage this company offers is personalized customer support. So, if you are new in this business, you can tell all of your concerns and a member of the team will contact you! And this is great because it allows you to get feedback from an expert. You might be able to find out what are the best assets you can trade with your account!

Also, this brokerage operates on all trading platforms, even apps. And these people also have platforms that you can use through their partnerships with other Forex and trading companies. So as you can see, there are many ways to use this service, even if you only want to use it to get more experience or so.

Talking in detail about what you can expect to get from this broker is the versatility to do whatever you want. If you choose to operate with this brokerage, you get almost 200 assets to trade with as soon as you get your account. And, if you get one of the big accounts, you can even trade-in international markets. 

Let´s keep diving into this HankoTrade review to see what it has to offer!

Company Details Overview

As we highlighted above in this HankoTrade review, this business started in early 2019. But, all of the creators, developers, and traders working behind this brokerage have been doing this for decades. So you are talking with people who are the best at what they do, take advantage of that! We all know not many companies offer this type of service for free these days.

Also, the main headquarters of HankoTrades is located in Seychelles, Africa. The advantage of having a company based in this location is that most of those countries are available to use the service. And African countries tend to have some trouble with the regulations and laws while using this type of broker. But, thankfully that´s not the case with this one! So most people around the world can use this brokerage without having to face restrictions!

In this company, all of the people working behind the scenes are transparent, trustworthy, and are highly qualified at what they do. On the website, you can see they provide a list of some of the values, their mission, and vision about the company itself. So, when you choose to trade with this broker, you are also choosing the incredibly talented people that work there!

HankoTrade Regulations and Laws

After we have spoken about some of the most important details about this HankoTrade review, now we must cover the laws and regulations. So, we must tell you already that there is not much information about this topic on the website. At the moment, this brokerage is unregulated. There are no companies, businesses, or similar regulating this service. But, this doesn’t mean the broker is unsafe or else. There are tons of different security offers on the website, you can use a double verification process and such. Also, as you can use currency, you get all of your funds in an e-wallet account that you can only access.

Apart from that, there are many ways you can take care of your account on your own, or using the security codes the company provides. But, if you want further information about this topic, you can always read the risk-disclosure on the site. Also, you can get information about security and such on the website.

HankoTrade Trading Platforms Supported

The HankoTrade broker operates strictly on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Currently, the people working on this service are looking for expanding the broker to the MT5 platform as well. But, as for now, you can trade whatever you want going from cryptocurrency, commodities, and Forex currencies. So you won´t even notice you are only working with the MT4 platform! 

So, you can use this system on the online version with all the settings and features that you want! There are no limitations or restrictions because you can change this broker all you need to make it your own. And for most traders, the best part of using services like this is being able to customize them to the limit.

Also, you can download this brokerage to use it on your pc without having to go online. You can get the app available to trade on the go while you are not at home too! This versatility allows you to work on your account without the need to be 24/7 in front of your pc. So, you can focus on other things or side hustles if you wish! 

There are also other platforms that you can use while trading with this broker! This is possible thanks to the partnerships the company has created throughout the years.

Assets and Markets Available

As we said before on this HankoTrade review, there are many assets, currencies, and international markets that you can get access to! So, this is a huge advantage you get when you use this broker as not many ones have these features. Another thing to know is, as this one is an all-in-one brokerage, you can pretty much trade whatever you want! You are free to choose from more than 150 assets that you can find on the MT4 platform. And this broker itself offers around 50 exclusive currencies that you can get from international markets. These are Asian and European markets.

When working with HankoTrade you can expect to get many assets going from commodities, oil, gas, metals, Forex currencies, and more! Even exclusive stocks and the latest cryptocurrencies have been going hard in the market. So you decide to choose which one of these might work best for you! We think that as traders you should always be open to trying new things. You never know when the next best asset will drop. So you must be ready!

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

From what you can see on this HankoTrade review, everything about this broker is exclusive. And its funding process is something else too! But, it´s not like it´s hard to do or something like that. To fund your money you must use cryptocurrency only. This is great because it means there are no bank accounts involved or similar. So, you know already everything is secure and there is no room for any type of scam or similar. The only thing is, we know not all traders invest in crypto, but, if you want to use this broker, you must use it. This will be an advantage for you in the end because crypto is worth more and more each day. So you will be glad you are using it!

And while withdrawing your money, you can get it in cryptocurrency only as well! So, you can sell it on your own or keep it on your account until you reach a certain amount. Either way, it´s up to you to decide what do you want to do!

The withdrawing process is very easy and doesn’t take long. You just have to do a request on your account and then you are done! It takes only a few minutes until you have your money in your e-wallet.

And the accounts available depend on how much money you have to invest as soon as you start. These go from only USD 10 to USD 1,000.

Mobile Apps Available

When we spoke about the supported platforms on this Hankotrade review, we spoke a little bit about the apps you can get. And pretty much you can download right in this seconf}d the MetaTrader 4 platform app and get started! But, at the moment this broker doesn´t have an app itself. Possibly the creators, CEO, and developers are working on it behind the scenes. So you might be surprised in the meantime if it comes out!

Remember you have to log in to both your accounts on the MT4 app to get access to the HankoTrade interface. While you get that done, you can customize and change the app as much as you need. There are not many differences from the online version, it is just as good, if not better!

Accepted Countries

There is no information about this topic on the HankoTrade website as this broker is available around the world. But, the only thing it´s the creator mention that, in places like the United Kingdom or Islamic countries, you may face limitations. These restrictions are only about cryptocurrency mainly. Although there are special accounts that you can get if you have these types of issues.

Besides that, everyone can use this brokerage no matter where in the world they are based. This service comes in many different languages as well. So you can start using it whenever you want!

Customer Support Available

As we have seen on this HankoTrade review, this one is an amazing broker! And of course, this means that the people who work and are also incredible at what they do. 

After testing the customer service ourselves, we can tell you these people work really hard and super fast to provide you anything you need. it doesn´t matter if it´s just a question, you will get a response from them in a short time. 

You can contact these teams using the e-mail that you can find at the bottom of the website, or fill out a request form. Either way, you will hear back from them quickly.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • There are demo accounts available with money that you can use before starting with your account.
  • This service is available on all platforms. So you can use it anywhere all the time.


  • This brokerage is unregulated at the moment. But it´s being fixed behind the scenes.

Conclusions HankoTrade Review

As everything you need to know about this HankoTrade review is done, we got to the end! With this broker, we learned a few tricks and tips to keep in mind if you are interested in working with an all-in-one broker. But, do you think this one might be the right brokerage for you and what you are looking for?

You get many exclusive assets, experiences, and features that not many other brokers offer. And certainly, you can´t get all of this with this same price range. So make sure that if you would like to get this broker, you do it very soon!

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