ICG Markets Review

icg markets review

As a new week starts, we have new things to show you here in Best Forex Broker Review. And today we will take you on an ICG Markets review!

If you are a current trader and you haven´t heard from this brokerage already, you must live under a rock. Or, you are one of those traders who don´t use brokers to enhance their trading process. No matter what, you will still find this service useful and you might get to use it.

To get started, we are providing you with most of the details and aspects you have to consider before getting this broker. And, hopefully, by the end of this ICG Markets review, you will see if this broker is a good choice for you!

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It´s time to get into this ICG Markets review!

What´s the ICG Markets Broker About?

ICG stands for International Commerce Group. This broker is made for investors, traders, and people who are into business development. If you choose to work with this company, there are many things that you will be capable of apart from trading. So, you can tell this business is all about building relationships. And these will help you boost and improve your trading approach while giving you opportunities to succeed on your own.

From what we can read on the official website, there are many things that you can do and achieve with this brokerage. For example, many trading investors use this service because they have small fees. So you can save some money while getting more and more precise trades. Also, the big advantage you get is being able to trade with global markets and international assets. Keep in mind that not many companies in this business offer that kind of deal for a small price. But, you don´t have to worry about any of those issues with this service. There are multiple accounts that you can get depending on what you are looking for. So, this one can be a good fit for traders of all levels and budgets.

And, as we go down on this article, we will get into detail about what can you do, trade, and invest while using this broker. So you can get an idea if you will benefit from this service or not.

Company Details Overview

It´s time to talk about this company to give you a good ICG Markets review. The developers, creators, investors, and everyone working behind the scenes here have tons of experience. If you look online about them, you will get to know these developers have been in this business for a while. So you can be sure your money is safe while trading with them because they are professionals and know what they are doing.

The main office of ICG Markets is based in the United Kingdom. They don´t provide the full address on the website, but you know most of them like to remain anonymous. So far, if you need to get in touch with them for some reason, you can talk to the customer support people. No matter what, we will talk about this below in detail. 

Another thing that you have to consider is this company has room for traders to learn and educate themselves about Forex. So that´s an advantage too! They have promotions and partnerships as well, so this community is not only for trading. You can manage and build many things with this broker!

Regulations and Laws

Now to get some insight about this part of the ICG Markets review, we talk about the regulations. And we must mention already that there is not much information about this topic o the website. But, we found many things online from clients and current traders that use this service. So, it appears that this broker is not regulated at the moment. No Forex business provides any kind of regulation or some sort of security outside of the company itself. But, the ICG Markets company offers security for all their traders after getting their account. If you check on the website, your account is safe with two-way encryption. And you must log in to your account to start during all trading sessions.

Also, as this company came out just in early 2019, it´s quite logical that they are not regulated yet. Remember that a company has to be in the market for quite a few years until they get regulation from entities. So, it´s probably just a matter of time until the developers behind this business let us know that the broker is fully regulated! 

Whenever this broker gets its regulation, you will hear it from us first! So make sure to keep up with this company if you are interested.

ICG Markets Assets and Markets 

To move on on this ICG Markets review, we have some good news about the assets and markets they support. And to be exact, this one you might consider a really good deal!

So, this company supports global markets, international ones, and everything. So you can trade using whatever market you feel the most comfortable with. or the market that benefits your trading strategy the most. You are free to choose!

For example, some people who trade using this broker have said that the Asian markets are great to use. And these usually have really good deals and some currencies that you cannot find anywhere else. Also, as they open before the rest of the others, you get a huge advantage above everyone else. 

Now, speaking about the assets you can get, there are a whole bunch to choose from. But, as usual, it depends on what type of trading account you get. So if you get just a basic one, you can use the commodities, Forex currencies, stocks, and global indices.

Trading Platforms Supported

The ICG Markets broker has tons of different platforms to offer for their clients. So, right now it´s time to get into detail and highlight some of the most important things!

Like many brokers and Forex software available online, this service uses mainly the MetaTrader 4 platform. So, as for now, the MetaTrader 5 one is not supported. But it could be part of this broker in the future as the company is looking to expand its assets and such.

The good side of working with the MT4 platform is that almost every single trader knows how to use it to the maximum. And as the years go by, there are tons of different things about the customization that you can do to your account. So, if you have used this platform for some time already, you must know to adjust the settings and features to your benefit. Like adding a trading strategy similar to trend-following, scalping, hedging, and all of those. Also, you can set up how much money you want to invest, you can change the directions of trades, and everything! With this platform, there is nothing you can´t do. So make sure to use it with all the settings, tips, and tricks that you know will help you improve your trading experience!

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

All traders like to know about the chances and options they get about funding their accounts and getting their money. So, there are many ways you can fund your account with ICG Markets, thankfully there are options to choose from. You can transfer money using Bank Wire, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and China Union Pay. The minimum deposit is USD 50 depending on the platform. So if you choose to fund your account directly from the bank, it would be at least USD 200.

For the withdrawal process, you get the same platforms available to get your money transferred into your account. Just take into consideration that the process to get your money into your account might take up to two business days. But it depends again on what method you choose.

Mobile Apps Available

As was highlighted already on this ICG Markets review, this brokerage supports the MetaTrader 4 platform on all its presentations. So, of course, there has to be an app available to use this service while on the go! You can get the MT4 app for free on your phone or tablet on both iOS and Android devices. And the app can be synchronized with your account so you can do all the same things as on the online version of the broker. 

There are no limitations with the app, you can fund your account, withdraw money, invest all of your money and savings, or just check things up. Even you can change the whole interface of the app to one that looks more appealing to you and is easier to use.

ICG Markets Supported Countries

As this broker is from the United Kingdom, there are not many limitations for traders to use across the globe. So pretty much every country can use this service unless there is a specific law in their country that doesn´t support this type of business. Or maybe you could face some problems as this broker is not regulated at the moment this article is being written. Just keep in mind that the only places that might have some sort of restrictions are the Islamic countries. But, besides that, you should be all good to use your broker!

No matter what, don´t miss the opportunity to try this broker. You might be surprised with all you can get and achieve just by using it for a few months!

Customer Support Available

We won´t pass the chance on this ICG Markets review to talk about the customer support they offer to their clients. So, after all the things we read both online and by clients, we can say these people have a good support team. But, the only thing you have to keep in mind is they don´t work 24/7. You can contact them 5 days a week during the hours the market is open. So, make sure to contact them during those times to ensure you will get a quick response back from them. Besides, you might have to wait until the next day, or the next week, depending on the case.

You can get the customer´s support email on the website. Or you can also fill out a form with all the information you need them to know and wait for their response.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • This broker supports auto trading.
  • All clients get access to both global assets and markets.
  • You don´t need to invest a lot of money to start with ICG Markets.
  • There are many assets that you can use. This includes exclusive stocks and global indices.


  • The ICG Markets broker has no regulations at the moment.

Conclusions ICG Markets Review

After putting up together all the information and general details about this broker, we finished this ICG Markets review! Overall, there are many good things that you can get with this service. it could be a good choice of investment for many traders nowadays. And being able to get all global markets in just one broker is an incredible deal that not many companies offer. So you can only imagine all the endless possibilities and things you can do and achieve with this broker!

We recommend that, if you are interested in this broker, you take a deep look at the website and read all the information there. Also, there are very nice and useful testimonials online of people who have found success while using this broker. So you might be one of them if you set your mind to it!

As usual, tell us what do you think about this ICG Markets review so far? Do you feel like this brokerage might be a good choice of investment for you? If not, tell us your reason! 

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