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Another day ahead and we have another Best Forex Broker Review article in the making for you! Today is an IG review. Have you heard about this broker in particular before? This one is commonly known for being the #1 CFD provider in this platform, according to them. So, today we will see what´s up with this broker and what we can do with it. And who knows? maybe you will find a new broker to try out that will improve your whole trading experience!

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So, let´s start this IG review as soon as we can to see how it is to trade using this broker!

What is the IG Broker About?

The IG broker is a very intuitive trading platform created by professional traders for traders. It holds tons of different instruments and you can use tons of markets on the same platform. And this broker was considered to be one of the best finance apps in 2020, they even won an award! 

This broker is not only about trading Forex, you also get many resources about education that are helpful. This way you can be at the top of your game because you know this business is always changing. And they have a community of traders around the world that you can contact anytime. So you can build up relationships across this app!

The IG Group broker is here to provide unlimited opportunities for all traders using thousands of different markets. You can use up to 17.000 markets with this broker, all of them being international. And we all know most brokers don´t offer this type of chance! 

With nearly 240,000 clients around the world, this broker has established itself since 1974 as the largest CFD provider in this business. And they encourage all traders to try out their broker because you will get exponential growth and knowledge. So, at the end of the day, you are having a win-win situation while making money. And guess what!? This is just the beginning!

Company Details Overview

As mentioned above on this IG review, this company has been part of the Forex industry since 1974. They were some of the first businesses to offer CFD trading and now they lead the market. And to this day, no other broker has such a large market range in this industry. So, trading with this company is a huge step forward in achieving the financial security and freedom that all entrepreneurs dream about.

This company has its main headquarters based in the United Kingdom. But they also have many offices across the world on the five continents. So they have many international regulations and partnerships from big companies. 

IG Group is an award-winning Forex broker by many prestigious companies in the last couple of years. And they have not only been awarded for their trading strategies and performance in the market but also their customer support team. 

By far, from what we can see, most traders both beginners and professionals are drawn to this broker for the security they provide. And also you’re in full control of what you are doing with your account while using this service. In most cases, you will succeed if you follow your strategy and learn a few things from this broker.

So, don´t waste any more time and take a look at this broker!

Regulations and Laws

After mentioning in this IG review that this broker is leading the market, you know we have to focus on the regulations and laws topic! This part of our articles is by far one of the most important ones for traders. And we all know that being comfortable and knowing whether or not your account and finances are safe is crucial. So, make sure you don´t miss out on this information!

So, the first thing to know is this broker has regulations by many entities across the world. And these are top-tier businesses too! 

As for now, the regulators are the Australian Securities & Investment Commission, Financial Conduct Authority. And the Japanese Financial Services Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapur are part of this list! Lastly, we have the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. 

All these regulators listed above have a very high trust rate and good reviews about their reliability and performance. So that´s something to keep in mind! 

IG Assets and Markets

To get into this part of the IG review, we are now talking about the assets and markets that you can get access to! 

One of the biggest advantages of trading with this broker is having the chance to access global markets. This one is a feature that is hard to get from a service like this one. And apart from that, you can trade cryptocurrencies, Forex currencies, exclusive assets, indices, and shares. All of that on the same platform!

There are more than 17,000 thousand markets ready for you to trade with them. And each of those has different opportunities, deals, choices, and prices. So it´s worth trying it out if you are not used to it. And remember CFD is a great chance because you get to play and take advantage of the rising and falling prices of the market.

Trading Strategies & Platforms Supported

On this part of the IG review, we have many cool things to talk about! Believe it or not, this broker doesn´t only trade using the basic MetaTrader 4 platform. They have many more platforms supported that traders can choose from! So you can see which one of them works best for you in the long run.

So, you can operate with the MT4 platform, the own interface IG has for trading, or you can use something called ProRealTime. This last one is a powerful tool with over 30 years of backtesting that allows you to trade better. But, how is that possible!? Well, by using this platform you can schedule automated trades, use expert advisors, and more! You can even keep up with the market changes in real-time and add more features to your account. This way you won´t need to be sitting all day in front of a computer.

IG Mobile Apps Available

Now, after mentioning already what trading platforms you can get, we are talking about the apps available in this IG review! 

The good news is, there are quite a few goods and even greater things to mention about this topic. The IG markets app is competing against the MetaTrader 4 one because it is so complete and easy to use! Most traders who use both these apps rather use the IG broker one because it has more specific features than the rest. 

You can also use the basic MT4 app with this broker, there are no limitations. But, you should take a step ahead and get the original IG app because it will help you have a better performance. And you will also have much better control because the features are different and made just for the broker´s improvement while trading. So waste time using the app that everyone gets when you can get a much better one for free!

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

This one might quite be the second most important section of this IG review. So for now, we will keep things as transparent and easy to understand as possible. The first thing to point out is the minimum requirement to open an account is EUR 250, or the equivalent in your currency. You can deposit your money using bank transfers or using credit cards. But keep in mind that if you use the second option, you will be charged a small fee depending on how much you deposit.

On the other side, to request your money, you must do it during the working hours of the market. And just fill out a withdrawal form to point out where you want your money to be sent. Keep in mind that if you choose an international market then the transfer might take a few business days. But, besides that, the process is easy, safe, and secure for both ends!

IG Countries Supported

On the official website of the IG broker. it says that this trading service is not available for clients in the USA. And the reason behind it is because some of the laws in the country might not meet up with the regulations they provide. Besides that, the developers don´t mention any other country that might not be supported by the broker.

If you try using this broker and your country is not supported, you have nothing to worry about. The IG broker is highly popular and they have been leading this business lately. So they are more than likely to be working towards becoming a global broker. 

Customer Support Available Online

One of the best things which the company offers, apart from their trading platform, is their customer support. So, let´s talk about that on this IG review!

The first thing to mention is this company allows traders to reach out to them using a phone number or by email. So it´s up to you to choose depending on what you need.

Their team works from Saturday to Friday until 10 pm, UK time. And as the developers explain on the website, they are more than happy to help anyone with their issues. Even if you are not a current client and you want to contact them to ask anything related to their service you can do it too! This company can help everyone and anyone at all times, even if they just want to get started working with them. So make sure you ask all you need before jumping in on this company.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • This broker is regulated by many top-tier Forex companies in the business.
  • All traders can use a free demo account with money to see what the broker is like.
  • This broker has good results and reviews posted on FXBlue. In there you can check out their trading results too!
  • All platforms provided by this broker support demo accounts.


  • This company charges inactivity fees.
  • Currently, this IG broker doesn´t accept clients from the US.

Summary IG Review

After going through the best things this broker can offer, and all the details to keep in mind, we made it to the end of the IG review! This service is a great platform for traders of all types, budgets, and interests, no matter their level. The fact this company provides so many tools and educational resources says a lot about who they are. So you can expect to see growth not only in your account but also in your knowledge in the market.

A good side we want to point out is the big numbers of regulators they have across the world. This is very important because it means if something happens to a trader, they can get support no matter where they are. And this is very convenient since investors and professional traders are always traveling around doing other businesses. So it´s an amazing situation on both sides! 

Here in Best Forex Broker Review, we think you should try out this service if you are interested in something new. Who knows? Maybe you have a great experience and this one might become your favorite broker in the market. Also, keep in mind all the advantages we just listed above, it´s too good to let this opportunity flop!

So, if you choose to work with IG markets, let us know in the comments below and share your experience! And share this article with other traders that could get a hold of this broker as well! 

Remember it´s never too late to improve the way you trade and learn more about Forex.

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