KOT4x Review

kot4x review

This new week for Best Forex Broker Review, our team has done a KOT4x review! Did you hear about this service yet? This one is a broker that works wonders in the market. And it has been quite famous online for the last couple of years. In this article, you will find out the reason behind this. Also, we are going to be disclosing all the things among the trading strategy, features, pros & cons, and the assets you get. So far, we know this will be a highly informative and great review. Make sure to stick out to the very end!

And before we start, our team of professional traders used this software before making this review. So you know all our opinions, information, and everything disclosed in this article is accurate.

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Let´s start this KOT4x review!

What´s the KOT4x Software About?

The KOT4x is a software that operates as a broker for the Forex market. It was developed by a highly successful company in this business with many years of prior experience. So, this software is an online CFD, cryptocurrency, and Forex brokerage that provides a premium experience while using it. Most of the clients these people have are professional Forex traders that invest all of their money into cryptocurrency. And all of them have said the biggest advantage of using this service is being able to choose from elite assets. Apart from that, you get all the customization you need from start to finish across all platforms. But, later on, in this KOT4x review, we will talk in deep about all of these things! 

The KOT4x website is also very popular for being one of the few brokers with very transparent owners. On the website, you can pretty much find even the smallest detail about this company. They are not secretive and most of the people that have used this software are impressed. And who knows? Maybe you will be the next successful trader after using this broker. 

Also, you get so many tools, settings, features, currencies, stocks, cryptos, assets, and commodities. So, it´s almost guaranteed you will succeed!

Company Details Overview

The KOT4x company is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. We have noticed many Forex companies are located there. So that is a good sign! Also, the developers behind this business have over 15 years of experience building, developing, and creating services for Forex. And they have created many alliances with some of the best and highly successful companies. So this means you might be able to use this different software and get a much better and more personalized experience. And we know how important these things are for traders! So you can get surprises while trading with KOT4x.

The developers of this software don´t share their names on the website because, like many others, they choose to be anonymous. But, we can find their phone numbers, location, portfolio, and even more on the website. So make sure to take a look if you want to find out who they are! As a company, they are reliable, trustworthy, transparent, and helpful with their clients. And there is nothing but good feedback about them!

Regulations and Laws

Now into this section of the KOT4x review, details about the regulations this software has, laws involved, and security are the main focus! So, after reading the policies, disclosures, and agreements of this software, we found all we need! 

At the moment, this software is yet to be regulated by any federal entity or by any other Forex company in this business. But, as the creators explain, the reason behind this little situation is because the broker is still very new. It has now only around 3 years in the market. And in the meantime, it has over one hundred thousand clients from all continents around the world.

Either way, you get full security for your trading account and all your money invested. You can keep everything in an e-wallet. And this software uses some two-factor technology, authentication, and everything you will need to feel safe! So, just because it is not regulated doesn´t mean you get no security! It´s the opposite. And if you need to revise this yourself, make sure to go on the website and read it all in detail.

Trading Platforms Supported

For this section of the KOT4x review, we are not giving you an insight into what to expect while trading with this software. And, as this service is still quite new, it uses some tools, settings, and features that work as an advantage for you! So you can use them in your favor while looking for the best trades. And, also the commission per trade is super low. So you won´t lose any money while getting the best profits when trading.

For the platforms supported, you have quite a few to choose from! The main one for trading is the well-known MetaTrader 4. You also have the MT4 app to use and an online and desktop version of this same broker. But, as you can see, there is no version for the MetaTrader 5 platform yet! Hopefully, the developers are working on this so they can release one in the future.

And as for which trading account you can get, there are quite a few! Also, you will get the same advantages you know that come with the MT4 platform. So, no matter what type of account you get, you have all the customization you need at the touch of your fingertips. Some of the most used tools and settings can easily help you boost, or even increase the amount of money you make per trade. So those are some great advantages!

Assets and Markets Supported

Just above on this KOT4x review we spoke about the markets supported. And we did mention a little bit what to expect to trade with this software. But, there are many things still left to talk about! So we will get into all of these details in just one second.

In total, with this software, you get over 250 different trading instruments, tools, and assets in general. This includes precious metals, stocks, commodities, oil, gas, Forex currencies, special currencies, and assets in general. Also, don´t forget you might get some surprises in assets as sometimes new ones get dropped! Or you can get them before anyone else because this broker has premium stocks. But don´t worry! When these amazing trading deals happen, you will get notified before. So you can make the most out of these opportunities for as long as you want!

Also, you can get different currencies, stocks, and assets that no one else has depending on what type of account you get. So it´s a whole different experience each trader has, which makes it even better to customize your account.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Now, let´s talk about quite possibly the most important topic in this KOT4x review. The majority of traders choose services that make life easier for them, not harder. And being able to choose how they want to deposit their money, and even withdrawing their funds is crucial. And with this company, this is not an issue at all. But, there are a few things you must keep in mind if you want to get started.

The first thing to consider is, you can only fund your account using cryptocurrency. In this case, only Bitcoin is allowed. So you can buy it on the same brokerage to get started or transfer your funds from your other account. This step is your choice as you can do any of these without having any issues. 

Keep in mind that there are no fees while transferring your money, or while withdrawing your investments. The only fees you may face are while trading certain assets.

But when it comes to withdrawing your money, everything gets easier. You can only withdraw your money using Bitcoin. But it gets transferred to your e-wallet in just a few seconds. And it is up to you went you want to sell it or whatever you want to do with it.

Lastly, there are a few different trading accounts and assets that you can get depending on what you are looking for. But the minimum deposit is always USD 15 in Bitcoin to get started! So it´s very affordable for all traders out there.

KOT4x Mobile Apps 

As for now in this KOT4x review, we have to talk about the apps involved in the trading platforms. Currently, this broker doesn´t have an official mobile app you can download on your phone. But, as it supports the MetaTrader 4 platform, you can use that app and synchronize it with your KOT4x account. This process is very easy and you can find information related to this topic online. Or you can take a look on YouTube is what you need is to watch some videos.

And using the MT4 platform app, you are free to do all the adjustments you need to feel like you are getting the most out of your software. Don´t forget this service is fully customizable to your liking and anything can be changed. Just make sure you are using the right settings because if that´s not the case then you can lose money. 

Countries Supported

On the KOT4x website, there is not much information about this subject. But, the creators say that there are thousands of clients from all over the world and all continents. Just keep in mind that, as this software is non-regulated, there are a few countries where it´s not supported just yet. But as the creators are working towards this situation, it will be available everywhere soon!

So as for now, you can get this software up and running in the United States, Canada, most European countries, and a few African countries. But, in places like The Bahamas, Qatar, Iraq, Cambodia, or Australia, it´s not available at the moment.

Customer Service

After getting so many good reviews from this software, we had to check it out ourselves! And as the creators disclose all the main points on the website, there is no room for major questions. But either way, there are phone numbers, social media accounts, an email, and a form to submit anything.

The customer support team replies to all inquire anyone has, even the ones that are not clients. So, even if you are interested in doing business with them, you can still message these people! How amazing is this? We know not many companies allow such a situation.

The team replies to anything you submit in a few hours depending on what hour you submit your questions. And you can request a call back from them if you need much more detailed assistance. But if not, remember they have a chat where a bot replies to all of the most common questions.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • You get access to some top-tier assets in the market.
  • There are demo accounts available with money for you to try out!
  • The KOT4x software gets many updates regularly. So it stays on the same level as other brokers.


  • This software has no regulations at the moment. But this is soon to change.
  • The only way of funding and withdrawing your money is by using Bitcoin.

Conclusions KOT4x Review

So far in this whole KOT4x review, we went through all the main things, information, and resources anyone may need before they start using this broker. But, as usual, we need to know what are your insights about this service!

Overall, we believe it´s a great choice of investment. And it´s even better for traders who have been in this business for a longer time because they have more experience. But, if you are just starting everything will turn out great because you will learn while using this software.

So make sure you get this broker if you want a solution for trading. This service will make your trading much easier while gaining more money and exclusive assets. So no matter what, you win with the KOT4x company!

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