Libertex Review

libertex review

Hello! This one is our blog called Best Forex Broker Review. And this time we are doing a Libertex review! We are a team of professional Forex traders with many years of experience. And not so long ago we decided to work together. Since then, we created this new website where we will be adding Forex reviews. So far, you will find reviews about brokers, expert advisors, and tips!

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For today’s post, we are doing a Libertex review. You have heard about this company before because they are very popular in the market. But, today we are getting in detail about many secrets and general information not everyone knows about. So, even if you have been a user of this platform for a long time, you will find this review very helpful. And we will talk about some very crucial topics you need to keep in mind while using this software. We will go through who they are as a company, regulation, and laws, pros & cons. Also, the supported countries and languages, the benefits you get from using it, and so much more! So, if you plan on getting this software soon, then you came to the right place!

Let’s get started with this Libertex review!

Libertex Video Review

What’s the Libertex broker about?

Libertex is one of the most complete brokers in the market to date. It works using some of the latest information available and you get an incredible experience with it. This broker came out to the Forex market back in 1997 when Forex trading wasn’t so popular yet. But, despite the odds, in no time it became one of the most famous brokers of all time. Since it launched all traders have positive things to say about it. And it is still relevant to the market because these developers have updated it countless times. Even after each upgrade, they manage it to make it better and better. And this is their secret behind their over 2 million clients all around the world.

When working with Libertex you are in full control of your experience. You can fully customize your broker and its performance. And there are countless expert advisors you can operate alongside this broker. So, with Libertex you can choose from hundreds of different assets to trade with and invest in. There are many exclusive stocks, hot assets, and crypto you can invest in. So pretty much your options are endless with this broker, that’s why their slogan is Trade for More!

Also, you get mobile apps where you can operate your account just like the desktop version of the broker. You can also trade whatever you want, as long as it is supported by the MT4 platform. But, at the moment you can’t get this broker on the MT5 platform yet. Despite that, these people behind Libertex are always working towards expanding their market. So maybe in the future, it will be available on the MT5 as well.

Libertex Company Details Overview

As we have mentioned before, Libertex is a reliable and trustworthy Forex company. And these people have been working on this broker for over 23 consecutive years already. That’s how they have managed to make it so precise and accurate while trading. And it is one of the few brokers that have been long enough in this business to get a positive outlook. You can find many good reviews and experiences from traders of all levels. And there are also many success stories. So, what’s stopping you from being the next one!? Go ahead and try this broker if you haven’t already.

For us, one of the best features you can find while using this software is the easy customization. This allows all traders to manage their accounts the best way possible under their terms. And is an amazing choice for all those traders who are looking forward to expanding their trading portfolios.

In terms of more detailed information about these people, we got some things to mention. Libertex is based in Limassol, Cyprus, which is in the Mediterranean. They have the full address to their headquarters on the official website if you want to go there. And they are very transparent with all the information provided. So far, these are amazing news because we all know how much all developers like to remain anonymous. But, that’s not the case this time for Libertex!

Regulations and Laws

In terms of the regulations and laws Libertex follows, they are work with many companies. This business is part of a big group of Forex companies. It is called the Libertex Group. The Libertex brand is operated by the CySEC(Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and FSCA regulated entities. But this doesn’t mean you will have trouble with Forex trading or anything like that. You can just consider it as insurance just in case you need it in a situation. These regulations also protect your profits and overall your investments. So, as you can see already, Libertex goes beyond to protect their clients and give them safety. As well as the best service they can get. This is why in this Libertex review, we are making so much emphasis on the key topics.

Trading Platforms Supported

As a broker, Libertex operates on the MT4 platform using all its features. But, at the moment we can’t use it on the MT5 because it’s not available just yet. So hopefully in the future, they can release a new version for this platform. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the different services and advantages you can get while operating under your terms! And remember that this company is always working on improving their software. So maybe one of these days they drop a new version that might change the way we trade forever.

To get started using this software you just need to sign in on their official website. And don’t forget to fill out all the information they ask for. Remember that, as they are as transparent with their clients, you must be the same with them. And the process of getting started is super easy as well. You just need to make a first deposit of at least EUR 100 for standard accounts. But if you are a highly professional Forex trader, you can open a premium account.

After you get done all the firsts steps, then you can finally trade with your account. So, as soon as you log in, you will see it’s user-friendly. It’s not hard to operate and all traders from different levels can use it. But, if you are having quite a hard time, remember that you can always look up video tutorials online. And Libertex has a blog where you will find all information, tips, secrets, and tricks. So you should check it out as well if you want to.

Also, you can choose the way your platform looks while trading. At the moment there are two different layouts available. There’s one built by Libertex or you can just use the MT4 platform as default.

Assets and Markets

As we got into this topic in our Libertex review, we are disclosing all assets supported. We have mentioned before that there are many ones to choose from. Which is the main reason why most traders use Libertex as their broker. It has a wide range of options available for all types of interests. You even get access to some of the most exclusive catalog in the market. So you get the chance to trade stocks, assets, and commodities most people can’t. And these are only a few of the many benefits you can get from trading with this company.

At the moment, Libertex allows its clients to trade metals like gold and silver. Also, you can trade crypto, assets, hot assets, stocks, and such. And indices, commodities, oil, and gas, ETFs, and agriculture are available as well. So, no matter what your field of interest in Forex trading is, this company has you fully covered. And that’s why their slogan is Trade for More! Because there are no limits to what you can accomplish working with them. So far, the possibilities are endless, no matter the circumstances.

As for now, on the official website, we can see the developers claim you can choose from 213 assets. Which is insane compared to what the other brokers can offer nowadays. And you also get over 150 different options, customizations, and features to boost your trading experience. So, you can make the most out of this software in a short time. And anyone can benefit from using it as well.

Depending on where you live you might get different assets. For example, the most popular stocks of Latin America and Europe are available for those places. And also the most exclusive ones from the USA as well. And you can choose the ones that you care about. There are

also many different categories that you can browse. Like health care, technology, education, luxury, and telecommunications. And some of the most popular ones for Libertex are the cannabis industry, Tesla Motors, and Google. So you get a diverse range to choose from depending on what you want. And you can also check their stats from the broker.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

For this part of the Libertex review, we are disclosing the whole payment process. And we already know that this topic can be quite an issue sometimes. But, w working with Libertex there’s no problem with it whatsoever. There are clear instructions on their official website and the blog as well. So remember to check those out before you start. Also, the process with this company can be very different from what you are used to. Remember that all businesses operate differently and you have to follow their guidelines at all times. But, just in case anything happens you have options. Libertex has incredible customer support that’s willing to help you with what you need. But, we will talk about this topic in much detail later on.

The withdrawal process is very simple to do. You just have to request your money from your account. And it will be sent to the account you provided when you opened your account. So, it must be a payment website like Neteller. And make sure you do the request for working hours. Because otherwise, you will have to wait until the next day for them to send you the money. You can also choose if you want your money paid in dollars or euros.

Also, in some cases, you might have to pay a small fee after transferring your money to your account.

Libertex Mobile Apps

As Libertex always goes beyond the line, they have mobile apps. But you might be wondering how are these beneficial? Well, these apps are so well designed and programmed that they work just like the normal broker. So pretty much you will be carrying your trading account with you wherever you go. And you can do all the same things as you would from your laptop.

At the moment, the Libertex mobile app is available for both Android and iPhone. So you can download it from the App Store or Google Store. It uses some of the latest technology to operate. And you can get it for free as well. Its interface, customization, and display males it easy to use. And you can deposit your money and make request withdrawals too. Also, you can enter new trades, and exit others. You can choose a new asset or check out the most profitable currencies at the moment. So far, the possibilities are limitless, and you can do the same as the online version.

Libertex accepted Countries and Languages

As we have mentioned many times on this Libertex review, this is an international business. So, they have over 2 million clients all around the world. And these people speak many different languages and dialects. So, knowing this information before getting started using this broker is highly important. At the moment, Libertex is supported by 27 countries worldwide. But, don’t get discouraged if your country is not on the list. Remember that these people are always working hard to improve themselves. So, sooner than later you will get Libertex where you live. Just make sure to keep your eyes open for when they release new information about this topic.

Libertex European CySEC regulated entity accepts clients from the European Economic Area (EEA)

After some investigation, we found out Libertex is not available in these countries yet because of regulations problems. But, they are working towards this issue to fix it very soon. Don’t forget the Forex business is growing day by day and they will expand as well. So be patient until your country is supported!

For the languages available we have English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Greek. So you can customize your whole experience using this platform! Make sure to choose the language that suits you best to enhance your experience with this amazing broker.

Libertex Customer Service

As traders, we all want to be able to get in touch with the company we are working with. And it’s not only because there might be some unfortunate scenarios. But, because being able to get your concerns answered is very important. That’s why in this part of the Libertex review we are disclosing all the different ways you can get customer support! How cool is that? There’s even a whole section related to this on the official website.

At the moment, the benefits you get from Libertex can be seen through their customer support team. There’s a blog on their page where you can find all the most frequently asked questions. And they update it daily with informative articles as well. And on the website, you can find a tab where you can submit a form and they will contact you. They also share their email, address, and social media accounts. And you can contact them even if you are not using their platform yet. But, just remember to contact them while working hours because then you will have to wait until the next day.

And if you want your experience to be more personal, they also provide some alternatives you can use. These are messages through Facebook or WhatsApp, phone calls, Skype, and using live chat as well! So, we can guarantee you that no matter what, you will get a response from them if you have an issue. How amazing is that? Being able to connect with them using so many platforms is a benefit everyone gets.

Benefits and Drawbacks

For this part of the Libertex review, we are doing something different. So, we decided to add a summary of the benefits and a few drawbacks you might face while using this software!


  • There are many different assets you can trade with. So you can choose the ones that benefit you the most.
  • You can fully customize your account as much as you need.
  • The whole process of depositing into your account is easy. And you can withdrawal your money whenever you want.
  • You can choose the currency you want your money before withdrawals.
  • Libertex is a fully regulated company with over 20 years in the industry. So you won’t have any trouble working with them.
  • All traders get a demo account as soon as they log in on the website.


  • Libertex is not available in all countries around the world yet.
  • This software supports the MT4 platform only. But hopefully, in the future, they can work with the MT5 as well.

Conclusions Libertex Review

Finally, after disclosing everything on this Libertex review, we got to the end! Do you have any concerns left? We believe we got all the topics covered. But, remember that you can always let us know in the comments!

For us, Libertex is one of the best choices of brokers at the moment. And not only because it’s very safe to use, but because you can expand your portfolio in no time. So, if you are looking for a new one to try this might be the best! There are no cons with this broker. Only a few inconveniences that will be fixed very soon. And the best part is you are the only one in charge of your experience using it! So make the most out of it while you can and get the amazing deals Libertex offers. And don’t forget, choosing the right broker is as important as choosing the best expert advisor. Remember that those work together and will allow you to achievefinancial freedom.

What do you think about this Libertex review? Have you used this software before? Let us know in the comments below!

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