Osprey FX Review

osprey fx review

Welcome again! Today for Best Forex Broker Review, we have a special Osprey FX review for you! Lately, this service has been leading in the Forex charts for some time already! Many people recommend it because it seems to be highly profitable and trustworthy. But, you know we have to take a step ahead and see that ourselves! 

So, we used this broker for quite some time beforehand to give you an honest insight into it. And we are highlighting some of the best features, secrets, and tips we found along the way. So, before this article comes to the end you will be able to know if this software is a good match for you or not. 

As usual, take a look at this website because we have many reviews here that you will enjoy. They are about all the products offered in Forex, crypto, and trading. We focus on automated expert advisors, indicators, brokers, and such. We also have reviews about services and pages in general that you should check out. So, if you are not satisfied with this review, you have a whole gallery of different ones to choose from here! 

But, we need to dive into this Osprey FX review already to see what it has to offer!

What’s the Osprey FX Software About?

Osprey FX is part of the large group of brokers that use ECN trading technology in the market. It can be considered an exclusive software for all the pros their clients get while using it. This broker is very versatile with its assets available to trade. You can use the basic Forex currencies, some cryptocurrencies, and CFDs. So, it depends on what you find interesting or worth it to trade with. For example, if you are a trader or investor with many years in the market, you can take a step ahead and invest using many assets at once. Or, you can only stick to the best and most profitable ones like crypto, stocks, commodities, metals, technology, and many others!

Just like many other new brokers in the market, this software can be customized from start to finish. All the major settings and features can be personalized. So this way any trader can make more money if they are using the right resources, techniques, and tips. 

The Osprey FX software operates using the MT4 platform only. So you must be familiar with it already. And it supports all the trading styles in the market, going from scalping to hedging. So no matter what type of trader you are, the assets you choose, or the customization you need, this company has you covered!

Let´s keep finding out what else this Osprey FX review has for us!

Company Details Overview 

This business was created not too long ago in March 2019. They got famous for being in the Forex charts for quite some time and were able to launch their software worldwide. And like many other companies in this industry, they provide an amazing experience to their clients. So it´s only a matter of time until they get as recognized as one of the best all-in-one brokers in the market.

They are based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The address is on the site if you need it. And they say they are open to talk to new clients about their services, business in general, or even their affiliates program. You can also get them to call you if you want, they are easy to reach out to, which is extremely rare in this industry.

From what you can see already, these people are highly professional individuals working on this project. And, they have more than a decade of experience in the Forex industry and trading in general. So, they are a good choice and maybe the best fit a new trader can get at the moment. So don´t miss out on this chance to work with them!

Regulations and Laws

The most important section of this Osprey FX review is talking about the regulation process and laws involved. So now we are doing just that! Since this broker came out just a few years ago, there is still not much information about this topic. But, currently, the creators are transparent with this issue. At the moment, the Osprey FX software remains unregulated by any company of any kind. But there is security available provided by the own company to temporarily fix this problem. On the website, you can find this company has its funds in separate accounts in an international bank. So, the traders’ money and theirs are not together. Also, in a few months, this software will most likely be regulated as the developers are working on it currently. 

But, as this gets solved, you should give this software a chance! As traders ourselves we know not everyone likes using unregulated services. And some people might find it to be a risky investment because they are thinking long-term and uncertainty spikes. But, it´s already been 2 years since this company is out and no one has had a problem with it yet! 

Don´t forget you can always read the FAQs, the terms and conditions, risk-disclosure, laws, and all policies available on the website. So you can feel safer about where your money is going and what scenarios could happen. It´s important to be well informed before trying out a service in the Forex business. Despite if it has regulations or not.

Trading Platforms Supported

Now the fun part of this Osprey FX review is disclosing the different ways you can trade using this service! And the good side is, as they are new, most of the resources are new too! So, it depends on what you are looking for while trading. They have a mobile app with a great interface available. And the basic online and desktop version of the brokers are a good choice! Just keep in mind all these platforms work using the MetaTrader 4, which is the standard for most software in this industry.

The good thing is, you can customize all of these as much as you need. They support all the different trading ways and styles. And some of the popular features available are trailing-stop, stop-loss, risk-management, money-management, and the rest of the ones the MT4 platform offers. You can also change the settings of each trade, like the timeframes, leverage, lot sizes, candlestick patterns, and more! And the best part is it doesn´t repaint while trading. You can use a leverage of 1: 500 with your account.

Apart from this, there are many kinds of trading accounts available with this company. And you can get access to different assets in general depending on the one you have. 

Also, this company takes care of topics such as volatility, market changes, and new strategies. But, if you want to be sure about how it works, you can get a free demo account to try it out before getting your own!

Assets and Markets Available

On this Osprey FX review, we previously said this service has a very large trading and asset inventory available. And even some of the currencies they use are exclusive to elite markets. So trading with them is a great opportunity if you are looking for the best and most profitable currencies.

So far, cryptocurrencies, shares, stocks, commodities, metals, and indices are available too! There is a currency waiting for the right trader to use it. And you can make much more depending on what kind of assets you choose to trade as well.

The assets you get to trade in the energy field are natural gas, oil, crude oils, and a few similar others. Some of the most popular shares you can get are Tesla, Apple, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Google, and any on the education field. And for cryptocurrency, you get all the ones available in the market right now. 

So, in total there are more than 150 assets that you can choose from! You can be as picky as you want because you will find something you like.

Keep in mind, you might get access to international markets depending on what type of account you have and the assets you use as well.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

Now, this part of the Osprey FX review is crucial if you want to get started using this software. And we know how important it is to know to start! So we are disclosing all we found so far.

The company is always adding new and different ways you can fund your account. 

Currently, you can do it using any bank transfers, bitcoin, wire transfer, or using a new platform called Vload. This last one has been called one of the best and safest platforms for transfers. So you should give it a try!

A huge advantage everyone gets with this service, especially new traders, is how little you need to get started. At the moment, you only need to invest USD 25 to get a basic account. And with that account, you get all the settings, features, trading modes, and everything we mentioned above! 

There is a whole world out there that you can conquer!

And for withdrawing your money, just log into your account and fill a request. After that, you should get a confirmation about the amount you want to take out. Afterward, your money will be transferred into your account of choice. But, keep in mind depending on what platform or method you choose, you might get charged a fee. So, be careful and read the information about this topic. Besides that, the process is quick and easy!

Osprey FX Mobile Apps Available

This software supports many different platforms across Metatrader 4. We mentioned above in this Osprey FX review, there are many different ways and options to trade with this software. Now, let´s talk about them!

The MT4 trading platform everyone knows about is what this broker uses to operate. So, you can download a MetaTrader 4 app or the app from this company! If you choose the one from Osprey FX you get bonuses, trading tips, and such! 

This app is available for people with Android or Apple. And you can use it from your iPad if you want. There are no limitations to the devices you can use! Remember you can always use the online or desktop version of this software if you don´t like trading from your phone.

Osprey FX Accepted Countries

Usually, these brokers are supported in many countries across the world. And even you can get them on all continents if you are lucky enough! So, let´s see which countries have this software available at the moment!

The USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and most European countries are supported! And we know how rare this can be, especially with these Forex services. But, the list of non-supported countries yet, is quite long. And the majority of the countries are from African countries. 

Some of these are Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, Cambodia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Libya. And some other countries are Panama, United Kingdom, Japan, North Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, and The Bahamas.

Osprey FX Customer Support Available

The customer support available with this company is very trustworthy and transparent with the clients. This company has a blog that gets updates frequently where you can find an answer if you have any basic concerns. If not, it won´t take long for you to get in touch with a real human. The email where you can contact them directly is at the bottom of the page. They say they reply to all inquires in a matter of just a few hours depending on what time you reach them. And you can call them or get them to call you if the situation needs it. 

After doing some research, most people who have used this software in the past are satisfied with the customer support. So this is great news for all of us!

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • There is a large trading inventory available. So any trader can easily benefit from it.
  • The trading fees are reasonable and vary depending on what you choose to trade with.
  • The Osprey FX company is very transparent and you can find most of the information you need on their website.


  • Since the software has no regulations, you may face some limitations.

Conclusions Osprey FX Review

In this Osprey FX review, we went through the highlights, details and all the information you need to get started using this software. So by now, you should know already if this broker is the right fit for your expectations! Let us know what you think about it already.

With an amazing team behind this software, great customer support, and some of the best technology, we are impressed! Hopefully, you choose to give this software a chance because it is a great opportunity. And with the number of assets available, everyone can find the right one for what they are looking for!

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