VT Markets Review

vt markets review

A new week here in Best Forex Broker Review and we have a new article for you! Today it´s a VT Markets review, a broker that keeps going up in the charts. So, in this article, we are going to find out what makes this broker so popular lately. Who knows what makes this service stand out from the rest! And as usual, as soon as this review comes to the end, you can find out if it might be a good investment for you! Because remember that there is a perfect brokerage for each trader, no matter their level of experience or skill. So don´t worry, you can always find many more articles here on our website! So don´t forget to take a look around.

Also, we are going to be talking about topics like countries where you can use it, trading platforms supported, and pros and cons. And, we are going to highlight information like the regulations, customer support service, mobile apps, and such. So you shouldn´t miss out on this whole review because we have all the details you need!

So, without further due, let´s get into this VT Markets review already!

What´s the VT Markets Brokerage About?

The VT Markets brokerage is a world-leading Forex broker, according to their website. They have been in this business for over 10 years already, but the company started officially in 2016. Since then, this business has been called one of the most transparent and reliable brokers. And the people who work behind it are extremely talented and professional with many years of experience. So far, these people the impossible to bring the best results to their clients. That´s why they are always innovating and take so much time to listen to feedback. Which we know is one of the most important things a Forex business can do.

The developers who work behind VT Markets say they care about the experience that each trader has while using their platform. That´s why in this platform you will find tons of available resources that will help you succeed with your account. 

Apart from that, you can expect a safe trading environment while using your account. As well as some of the most complete assets that you can find in the market. But, as usual, we are going to be disclosing these topics later on in this VT Markets review!

Company Details Overview

Just like we said before in this VT Markets review, this company has been out for just a few years. But, they have been incredibly successful among traders and this business because they exceed expectations. And not only that, but these people also are always updating their platforms so they can provide the best service. So your trading experience should always be positive when using this brokerage! The VT Markets team also labels itself as a next-generation trading platform for all the innovations they currently have.

The VT Markets company is based in Australia, which tends to be a common location among these types of businesses. They are regulated by many companies across different countries. But, that´s a topic we are going to be disclosing below!

Currently, this company has won tons of awards related to their platform, the resources they offer, and even their highly effective customer support.

VT Markets Regulations and Laws

To get into the most important section of this VT Markets review, we are going to be talking in detail about the regulations this broker has. And from what we have seen on the website, and read online, it seems like this brokerage is very safe. The developers clarify they have top tier 1 and 2 regulations and security from a few companies. So that´s a pretty good sign because it means your account and your money should always be safe.

When it comes to the regulations, these people have both top-tier 1 and top-tier 2 regulations. So that´s a big deal because they are not playing around. The regulators are the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). And they are authorized by the Securities Investment Business LAW (SIBL).

In addition to that, this company also offers many educational resources like PDFs, tutorials, articles, and videos. So there are many ways you can benefit from this broker even if you are a professional.

This company has your money secured by a custodian bank that protects your money and all sorts of virtual and even physical assets. In this case, is a large and well-known bank in Australia that takes care of this situation. So, if you want further information you can always get in touch with the company and ask about all the things you need.

Assets and Markets

There are plenty of things we need to mention in this section of the VT Markets review. So, make sure you pay full attention because this broker has a huge asset portfolio ready for you. And it is beneficial for any type of trader because it has many exotic currencies. So far, you can easily trade more than 200 different assets in general. 

At the moment, VT Markets supports Forex, Indices, energy, Precious Metals, soft commodities, and all kinds of shares. And you can get a Standard STP account, a Raw ECN one, and an Islamic account just in case you need it. How convenient is that!? People from many places around the world can trade with this broker, even Islamic countries. 

The VT Markets broker is commonly known for being one of the top choices of traders who want to get into the cryptocurrency market. And this company is also a good one if what you want is to increase your trading portfolio. Or even if you are a professional, you will also learn something new or get special deals depending on the account you get. So make sure to take all the opportunities you can because you can grow and learn a lot.

Trading Platforms Available

If you have been keeping your eyes open in this VT Markets review, you must have noticed we did mention that this brokerage is very versatile. But, what´s the reason behind that? Is not only the very large inventory of assets but the amazing trading platforms they have and the customer support. 

So, when trading with this broker you can use the Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 platforms to trade. Or you can also use the trading app they have, which is known for being one of the best ones. And also this broker supports any trading robot, all EAs, even allows scalping as a trading strategy. So you can customize it to make it your own and add as many things as you need. Anything that can enhance your trading skills is something that you should try! Don´t be afraid to try and test out any kind of strategy. At the end of the day, you never know which ones might make you succeed.

Also, it´s important to mention that depending on what type of account you get, you might be able to synchronize it with a third-party website. But you might wonder what´s the real benefit of that? Well, many Forex sites can help you enhance your trading results by optimizing and boosting your account. How? they can send you signals about the best time to trade each currency, the deals going on, and more!

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

This process before getting started with a new broker can be quite challenging with some other companies. But, thankfully that´s not the case with VT Markets because they are always one step ahead of their competitors. So, these people have many ways to deposit money into your account, even if you are just opening your account as well.

The process of depositing money is easy and quick. After you get your account done and verified it all comes out together. So, to open your account you need to deposit at least USD 100 and then you get a free 50% promotion. You can use all that extra money to trade as soon as you open the account. And the bonus can be up to USD 250, depending on how much money you deposit into your account as soon as you open it. 

And the process to withdrawal your funds is just as easy as well. You just have to fill out a request, then submit your bank account or any third-party website that you might use. Just keep in mind that you have to request your money during working hours and before the weekend starts. Otherwise, you might have to wait until Monday to get your money transferred into your account.

VT Markets Mobile Apps

As we said in the prior section of this VT Markets review, this broker has many different trading platforms available. And this is a good sign because it means anyone can and should take advantage of that. Because remember this business is ever-changing and there is always something new going on. So everyone needs to improve now and then with the resources they use. That´s why the developers behind this service created their trading app. While using it, you get all the same options and customization as you would on their online version. But guess what? Also, you can change this app to your liking, trade just the same, and even set up market notifications. So that´s a huge advantage that not many services like this one are offering!

So far, with this app, you get financial analysis, data protection, and more than 250 trading assets. And you can achieve all the same customization, and even more with this app. We think it´s a good choice to download it even if you are not used to trading on your phone. So give it a try! It might be even better than expected.

Supported Countries

Since we have disclosed all the major things and benefits of the VT Markets broker, we need to highlight the supported countries for this company. And as usual, we are aware that despite this broker is so popular and secure, not all countries can use it due to regulations. But don´t forget that this is always changing and sooner than later your country will be available to use this broker.

Currently, as the developers say on the official website, only the United States and North Korea seem not to be available to use this broker. So, in all the rest of the countries, you should be able to use it with no limitations. And guess what!? Even the United Kingdom can use this service with little to no limitations, as we read online.

So, if you are lucky enough to trade with this broker right away, then make sure not to lose the opportunity.

VT Markets Customer Support Team

We know already we have covered most of the main details you need about this VT Markets review. But, we still have a few things to cover about the customer support team and the help they provide to their clients whenever they are facing an issue. So, pretty much as any other service, they have a frequently asked questions section on the website that you can check out. 

But, if you need to get in touch with them, you can request a call back from them, fill out a form, or send them an email like usual. They also put the official address of one of the headquarters and they provide an email too!

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • As soon as you create your account, you are eligible for up to USD 250 as a deposit bonus.
  • The VT Markets brokerage supports scalping as a trading strategy.
  • Depending on the trading account you get, you might be able to use third-party accounts to boost your account.


  • Traders from North Korea and the United States can´t use this broker yet.

Conclusions VT Markets Review

As we reach this point of the VT Markets review, we hope you have your mind wrapped around whether or, not this broker might fit you. So, consider the best parts and benefits you can get from this service. Think about the big picture and all the things that you might not be able to do with other companies.

As usual, if you don´t feel like this broker might be the perfect one for you, you can always check out our website to see if you can find one. 

Overall, we hope this VT Markets review was informative for you! So make sure to tell us what do you think about it in the comments!

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